Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Ok i would like to begin by saying that i know that most people find chemistry boring but that doesn't make the subject boring but it just shows by excelling in it you stand out from the crowd so i urge you to follow chemistry for a bit you might just fall in love with just as i did. Well this is something really cool i found

ok this one is something I came across in school it was probably the first time I thought chemistry was the coolest thing ever, it was a simple experiment in the chemistry that taught you ‘how to’ make slime

All we need is:
1)20 ml water
2)20 ml fevicol (white adhesive)
3) Borax powder
4) Food coloring

In order to make the slime first add exactly 20 ml of fevicol into a beaker or an appropriate measuring utensil after which simply add exactly 20 ml of water (use pure water for better results ) make a even solution by mixing it and adjust the texture (depends on the purity of water) required by adding more water if needed. Once required texture is obtained, add 1 table spoon of borax powder (after the borax is added the texture and consistency cannot be adjusted) along with the food coloring, one drop would suffice as excess color would simply leak out after a while. Stir till the solution becomes viscous and remove the slime from the utensil and hold the slime under running water till excess materials wash off. You are now holding a perfectly good blob of slime that will good for at least the next 3-5 days and can be preserved further if kept away from the atmosphere. Try it, it’s not expensive and can provide a lot of entertainment. Cool right? 

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